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The name Yu – Hsuang is derived by the combination of the names Yu- Liu and Hsuang Wu, who, in 1975, founded a successful traditional Taiwanese Lamb restaurant located in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Yu-Liu Wu originally worked as a supervisor for a government run shipbuilding yard, but found that his salary was not sufficient to support his wife, Hsuang Wu, and their five children. To make ends meet Yu-Liu and Hsuang Wu also operated a business from their home selling noodles, fruit, shaved ice, tea and bread.

When Yu-Liu received the opportunity to learn how to prepare specialized traditional lamb cuisine, he rode his bike for several hours to another village where he studied and learned the lamb cuisine. Once he mastered the cuisine, Yu –Liu quit his job at the shipbuilding yard and operated a small restaurant at a village market several hours from home. Every day, Yu-Liu would trek by bicycle to work at his new restaurant.

Due to the long commute and long working hours, Yu- Liu had to rent a room to sleep nearer to his business, and was only able to see his family once a week. At the same time Hsuang Wu continued operating the home business selling noodles, fruit, shaved ice, tea and bread. Meanwhile, Yu- Liu continued to refine the lamb cuisine by combining the lamb recipes with his own self- developed Chinese Medicine recipes with delicious results. Eventually, Yu – Liu opened his restaurant closer to the family home, at a corner nearby a Taoist Temple.

Yu-Liu worked long, hard days, waking up at 4 AM to buy fresh lamb meat, and then taking it home to prepare it for use at the restaurant that day. Once the meat was prepared, it was off to work the family farm. He would then take short meal and rest breaks until about 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon, when he opened and ran his lamb restaurant until 1 or 2 AM.

Hsuang Wu closed the other family business to help at the restaurant, taking care of the restaurant’s finances and managing other restaurant business. The restaurant became very successful as its reputation for quality lamb cuisine spread throughout the region. However, the long hours and hard work eventually took its toll on Yu-Liu’s health, and he passed the restaurant on to his eldest son and daughter – in – law , while Hsuang Wu stayed home to take care of Yu-Liu full time.

Now, a third generation of the Wu family is bringing this famous and delicious Taiwanese Lamb Cuisine to Yu-Hsuang (Memory Corner), matched with a fine selection of modern desserts and beverages.

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