7 Tips to Keep Lamb Meat Tender While Cooking

Are you looking at ‘Lamb Meat’ in the title? The juicy, tender, mouth-watering feeling is activating your taste buds, right? So, if you are thinking we are here to talk about the tenderness of the meat, then you are ABSOLUTELY right! There are so many times that you want something meaty but not too chewy. … Continued

Best Taiwanese Dishes for the Holiday Season

When you speak of holidays, a lot of things come to mind. But, the first thing that pops up is FOOD, lots and lots of yummy food. Food is the soul of any celebration. The winter season has started. It means it is the holiday season already. Specifically speaking of Taiwanese, they love to celebrate … Continued

Stir-Fried Stewed Lamb Belly with Satay Sauce

Taiwan is a country with a diverse culture reflected in its rich cuisine. To experience the local Taiwanese culture, one must try dining there. We believe Taiwanese cuisine is one of the best ways to learn about Taiwanese culture in-depth. Most of the Taiwanese dishes are savoury. They also have a great Chinese food influence. … Continued

Sausage Fried Rice Taiwanese Style

  Taiwan is famous for its delightful street food, jam-packed night markets, and tourist-friendly environment. Taiwanese cuisine is diverse and very much worth exploring. Taiwanese-style sausage fried rice is a must-try dish during your trip to Taiwan. It is a popular street food in Taiwan served by small restaurants, street vendors, and travelling hawkers. The … Continued

Taiwanese Marinated Ribs Recipe

  Origin Pork Ribs are one of the most liked delicacies of Taiwanese culture. They are also popular in Japanese, Korean, American, and Chinese cuisine. These delicious pork ribs were introduced in the 19th century with different versions of cooking and serving. If you ever visit Taiwan or any other country that serves this dish, … Continued

House Specialty Lamb Hotpot by Memory Corner

Taiwanese lamb hotpot is incredibly popular due to its savoury flavour. This dish is a specialty of Memory Corner. Though it takes time to make lamb hotpot, the wait is worth it. It consists of lamb chunks and different vegetables that are braised in a rich gravy and topped with sliced potatoes. It is cooked … Continued

Easy Recipe of Pan-Seared Fish 

Taiwanese and seafood  Whether you are from Taiwan or not, you might have heard about Lanyu’s Flying Fish Festival. It’s a traditional ceremony of Taiwanese tribe Yami people in which they give their blessings to boats and hold their first fishing night ceremony. This indicates how important seafood is to the Taiwanese and Pan-Seared Fish … Continued

Recipe For Fish Cake

Taiwan has a very rich and diverse culture and one of the best ways to experience Taiwanese culture is dining. Food is a central part of the culture and Taiwanese people are proud of their cuisine. At home, meals bring the family together and develop a long-lasting bond between them. Citizens also like to dine … Continued

Memory Corner Style: Fried Squid Ball Recipe

These homemade squid balls are Taiwanese food that resembles fish balls, except that the fishball becomes limp when cooked. Squid balls, however, keep their fluffy spherical form even after they’ve been cooked. Squid balls are among the favourite Taiwanese street food snack. Filipinos serve it usually in the sticks with a choice of thick brown … Continued

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