Discover Taiwanese Food With These 5 Easy Recipes

Taiwanese food has been influenced by its geography. Because they lived on a congested island, the Taiwanese searched for protein sources other than agriculture. As a result, seafood plays an essential role in their cuisine. This seafood includes everything from tuna and grouper to sardines and even tiny fish like anchovies. Crustaceans, squid, and cuttlefish … Continued

What is Hot Pot?

Hot pot — Huo Guo (火鍋) is a simple dish in which a pot of heated broth is placed in the center of a communal table for diners to toss in various uncooked meat, seafood, and vegetables. When the food is ready, it’s fished out with a spoon or chopsticks and dipped in a sauce … Continued

10 Taiwanese Foods You Must Try

Sugary, herbaceous, and intense umami tastes pervade Taiwanese food in a visceral sense, a sense heightened in Taipei by its surroundings — whether a noisy street corner, a jam-packed night market, or a steaming hot pot palace. The island pulses with a “hot and chaotic” energy, are nao-ness (Chinese word for “populous”) reflected in the … Continued

The History of Memory Corner

Memory Corner is a family affair. In 1975, Yu- Liu and Hsuang Wu founded a successful traditional Taiwanese Lamb restaurant located in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.   Now in its third generation, “Memory corner” is run by Raymond (the grandson of Yu-Liu). He took over the family business because he thought that his grandparents … Continued

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