Recipe For Fish Cake

Taiwan has a very rich and diverse culture and one of the best ways to experience Taiwanese culture is dining. Food is a central part of the culture and Taiwanese people are proud of their cuisine. At home, meals bring the family together and develop a long-lasting bond between them. Citizens also like to dine … Continued

Memory Corner Style: Fried Squid Ball Recipe

These homemade squid balls are Taiwanese food that resembles fish balls, except that the fishball becomes limp when cooked. Squid balls, however, keep their fluffy spherical form even after they’ve been cooked. Squid balls are among the favourite Taiwanese street food snack. Filipinos serve it usually in the sticks with a choice of thick brown … Continued

Hsinchu: Taiwanese Meatball Recipe

Taiwanese meatballs may sound like any other meatball dish, but this is not some typical meatball.   Taiwanese meatball, also known as Bawan, is a unique dish of Taiwan. It is originally a dish of the Beitou area of Taiwan. Many street vendors sell it all around the island. A lot of changes have been … Continued

Memory Corner’s Authentic Taiwanese Design

  Memory Corner is a Taiwanese restaurant that makes for a great hangout spot! It’s known as a place where friends and family can gather around a table and share delicious Taiwanese dishes. But as guests dig into their tasty meals, the Memory Corner team is hard at work to deliver much more than just … Continued

Amazing Traditions followed in Local Taiwanese Culture

    Taiwanese culture has developed numerous unique and captivating traditions and rituals. This provides tourists with a diverse range of opportunities to learn about local culture. There are many chances to immerse yourself in Taiwan culture, whether you’re interested in modern Taiwan or want to go back in time to witness how some of … Continued

How to make Taiwanese-Style Three Cup Chicken?

Taiwanese Three-Cup Chicken is a flavourful chicken meal that takes only a few minutes to cook. This traditional Taiwanese meal is also well-liked in China. The three main components of Three-Cup Chicken are sesame oil, rice wine, and soy sauce. Though the name implies that one cup of each ingredient should be used, most variations … Continued

6 Different dumpling shapes used in Taiwanese food

  Dumplings are the ideal comfort meal, found in every cuisine. They come in so many different shapes and varieties that it’s difficult to categorize them, yet they’re easy to consume. It’s cooked with a dough made of rice flour and potato starch that’s generally stuffed with pork, bamboo, and mushrooms. A dumpling is a … Continued

Crispy Chicken: Memory Corner’s Signature Dish

Fried chicken is popular over the holidays—and on any day for that matter. Think about biting through that crispy layer and finding a tender, juicy, and delicious centre. With major crunch in every mouthful, it’s no wonder that Crispy Chicken is a favourite Taiwanese dish. You can use the fried chicken batter to make this … Continued

6 Healthy Taiwanese Dishes

      Most Taiwanese foods are packed with nutritional goodness. That being said, there are lots of health benefits of Taiwanese food. Taiwanese dishes typically consist of fruit and vegetables for vitamins and minerals, meat protein, and a balanced quantity of carbohydrates like rice and bread. Although Taiwanese food might contain some unhealthy fats, … Continued

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